Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Mr. Tom Cameron recieved his long overdue Award December 2018.

Tom is our historian and has been an instructor for decades. Tom not only has showed his love for West Coast Swing and the Tulsa area by donating his time, but also investing in the club financially every lesson and every other opportunity he saw.  He's an award winning West Coast Swing Dancer and a strong showman. One of his favorite things to do is to dance in character. He's been everything from a tiger to the Joker  and back again. I hope to one day soon upload many videos over his career for all to enjoy. Tom has brought much joy to everyone around him through his years @ Tulsa Swing Dance Club and the West Coast Swing community.  Everyone at TSDC sure hopes that he will continue to bless our presence for many more years to come....... 



State Competition 2018

Bad to the Bone Dance Team 2018

Tulsa SwingDance  brought home Two Team trophey's in 2018 competition

A First & Third place.....

The Bad to the Bone Routine from left to right is:

Sharon Lawson & Orval Kleinschmidt

Tom & Lynn Cameron

Tony Thompson

Mona k. & Steve D.

Tulsa SwingDance Team 2

The Rally tribute to the military

received the First Place trophy in 2018

and assured TSD would continue to hold first place two years in a row. 



Tulsa SwingDance Rally Team

Tulsa SwingDance Rally Team

Our additional team in 2018 performed the WCS International Rally with a serious overhaul.  The Tulsa SwingDance Team changed it up and created a spectacular routine, changing it from couples to tandem right before your eyes and did it with such a slide of hands you could easily miss the move. They chose Red White & Blue theme to pay tribute to the military for veterans day.  They did a spectacular job and brought something very unique to the Team competition.   

Team champions

TSC 1st place 2017

TSC 1st & 3rd 2018